Find Your Footing in Portuguese Conversation

Your hours pouring over vocab lists, verb tables or the language apps on your phone could give you the illusion that you’re on the right track.

But what happens when you’re in an everyday situation where you need to get concrete information from people around you?

And what about when you’re thrown a curve ball of a question with a structure unlike anything you’ve seen in books or apps?

For my second workshop at Curious Monkey, I’ll focus on how to start putting together quick and open-ended questions in Portuguese. I’ll also help you decipher some of the most frequently used responses and filler expressions. The idea is to have you walk out with a set of practical language tools you can use right away.

Location: at Curious Monkey which is located near Sé at Rua de São Mamede 16b.
Price: €15
Length: Two hours

If you have any problems signing up using the website (or if you want to pay cash), reach out via DM on our instagram @curiousmonkeylx or shoot us an email at


Jun 24 2022


3:30 pm - 5:30 pm


Helena Palha


Helena Palha

I was an expat for 10+ years living in Finland, Estonia, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, UK, to name a few and came back to my native Lisbon in 2019. A lifelong lover of language, I have primarily worked as a teacher, and translator. I have mainly translated between English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French. I nerd out over idioms and funny expressions, podcasts, and interesting street art. My favorite thing about living back home is always being close to the ocean.