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Hack Your Way Through Portuguese

We offered this workshop an afternoon in May, and it went so well, we are offering another edition after work hours so everyone can attend. If you have any problems signing up (or need to pay cash) please reach out to us at or via DM on Instagram @curiousmonkeylx.

Come spend two hours on a Monday afternoon to learn Portuguese in person! This workshop requires no commitment and in two hours will give you efficient and playful tools to learn this difficult but rewarding language—I want to spare you from having to memorize never ending vocab lists and to take the pain out of pronunciation.

In the first half of the workshop, I’ll help you find all the Portuguese words that are already in your brain, so you can start “activating” them.

In the second part, we’ll focus more on the biggest pain point of European Portuguese: the pronunciation. How can you make your mouth make those Portuguese sounds?

I help newcomers be at home anywhere in Portugal by making the language work for them. As a serial expat myself who returned home to Lisbon in 2019, I’ve lived in your shoes! I know the struggle of not being able to speak the language of the country I am living in.

I know how annoying it gets to always be mistaken for a tourist. Or how it feels when there’s something everyone knows, but no one stops to explain. There’s no textbooks in my workshops, and I don’t talk at you. The content is produced by me, and it’s all about practical language hacks.

The goal: help you start using Portuguese out loud as early as possible—first with me and then out in the real world, in everyday situations.

This workshop is great for absolute beginners, but it can also help anyone struggling with pronunciation or anyone prone to mixing Brazilian Portuguese or Spanish/Italian with European Portuguese.

Location: at Curious Monkey which is located near Sé at Rua de São Mamede 16b.


Jun 27 2022


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Helena Palha


Helena Palha

I was an expat for 10+ years living in Finland, Estonia, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, UK, to name a few and came back to my native Lisbon in 2019. A lifelong lover of language, I have primarily worked as a teacher, and translator. I have mainly translated between English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French. I nerd out over idioms and funny expressions, podcasts, and interesting street art. My favorite thing about living back home is always being close to the ocean.